Course curriculum

    1. Module Checklist

    2. Understanding the Good and Bad of Compounding

    3. Additional Resources for Compounding

    4. Compounding Quiz

    1. Module Checklist

    2. Managing Your Cash Flow

    3. Cash Flow Quiz

    4. Values/Happiness Exercise

    5. Additional Resources for Managing Your Cash Flow

    6. Budget Worksheet Overview

    7. Budget Worksheet

    8. Budget Exercise

    1. Module Checklist

    2. Basic Financial Protections

    3. Protections Quiz

    4. Basic Financial Protections Exercise

    5. Emergency Budget Exercise

    6. Securing Your Data Exercise

    7. Additional Resources for Financial Protections

    1. Module Checklist

    2. Paying Yourself First

    3. Savings Priority Quiz

    4. Savings Priority Exercise

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“Money Basics Level 1 proved to be an extremely helpful course for me and it reflected well with my current financial situation. I am now aware of what I need to be doing right now in order to help myself further down the road in my journey. The course outlined everything I had hoped it would and cleared up any confusion I had prior to. The modules were informative and easy to follow. The resources provided throughout were helpful and will continue to be helpful as I move along my journey. Overall great course!”

Colin from MA

“Scott's Money Basics course is an excellent intro into the world of personal finance. A perfect starter course for people looking to enhance their financial situation and work their way towards financial freedom!”

Zach from NH

“This course was extremely helpful, I would love to see this implemented in high schools and college campuses. I am an adult and learned something new each chapter. Great work Scott!”

Brittany from NH

“Simplifiu's Money Basics Level 1 is a great course for understanding your personal finances. Whether you're just starting out with your personal finance journey or you never really learned the basics and have some catching up to do later in life, this is an easy to follow, non-threatening and self-guided program to help set the foundation for financial success. You'll learn about managing employer benefits, how interest works for and against you, tips for setting and sticking to a budget while focusing on saving and how to adjust your goals for the various stages of life. Certainly a program I wish I had exposure to 15 years ago!”

Courtney from NH

“As a parent I would highly recommend this course for any young adult as they start their journey towards financial independence...yes from us! As an adult, this course was a nice refresher and gap filler for my own understanding of the various financial instruments available along our own journey. Scott delivers the material in a clear, concise manner that is appropriate for all ages. The included spreadsheets and models along with many links to related materials make this a great value. It also makes for a unique graduation gift!”

Ed from MA

“Scott has really done a great job. This is THE course for anyone looking to tighten up their own personal finances!”

Austin from MA